Among all international shipping companies in Italy, and operating worldwide, Martino Parisi is the one able to satisfy all your necessities related to transport: including services such as warehouse keeper, tax warehouse, freight forwarding and logistics.

Furthermore, we guarantee to our clients a rapid, personalised consultancy service as well, based on decades of experience in this field. Speed, precision and reliability are our watchwords. We hate time wasting and we don't want to waste our clients' time either. Our transport division globally organizes land, sea, and air transport with trucks, wagons and containers. For all our clients, we take care of goods transport from their country of origin right up to final delivery. We are specialists in delicate, dangerous, and fragile goods such as furniture, for example, for which we have recently set up warehouses in our Moscow branch.
Martino Parisi is also expert in wine and beer logistics, providing all those special services (e.g. excise goods related premises), as qualified international shipping companies should.  

Our Group owns 100,000 square meters of covered warehouses throughout Italy for the handling and storage of goods. Rely confidently on us to have your collective shipment or groupage of furniture from Italy sent worldwide.

Visit our website to find the best possible offer for logistics supplied by one among the most reliable international shipping companies in Italy.