"Tax warehouse" is the European Union's term defining all premises related to excise goods, like imported/exported in Italy from/to the other countries members. Indeed, should a producer has intra-EU trade, a reference number is required in order to have the so-called "tax warehouse status".
Thanks to Martino Parisi's beer and wine tax warehouse service, you can ship your own products feeling totally free from the long procedures necessary to obtain the official authorization; for example the submission and forward of the complete electronic administrative document: the E-AD. In Italy, this tax warehouse serviceĀ represents the response to the need of cellars, small wine producers, private individuals, beer distributors and retailers of receiving and shipping products under special excise duties, without the necessity to own a tax code and without any mandatory task to be performed.

These are the services we provide:
- Completion of all related customs and excise duties, relieving the client from mandatory duties.
- Issue and reception of electronic E-AD for wine (still and sparkling) and beer
- Entering the accounting duties to the Customs Electronic System.
- Quick and safe transport and delivery of goods under excise duty.
- Storage in our EXCISE WAREHOUSE in Italy, in Silea (Treviso).

Excise duty tax for wine and beer in Italy

We take care of the issuing and the receiving of the electronic administrative document E-AD, transportation, exports, imports and storage in our tax warehouse for shipments of wine and beer from Italy.
In Italy the rate of excise duty payable on beer is based on alcohol content and volume. On the other hand excise duty applied on wine is zero both for still and for sparkling wine.

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